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By Appalachian Foot and Ankle Associates
June 01, 2015
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Foreign BodiesWhile walking around barefoot is generally considered a fairly low-risk activity, the truth is that it leaves you at risk for stepping on a foreign body and having it lodge inside your foot. These injuries can easily lead to a visit with a podiatrist at Appalachian Foot and Ankle Associates in Ashville, NC if the foreign body is not removed quickly enough, particularly if you have risk factors such as diabetes or poor circulation. Read on to learn more about this common injury.

What Types of Foreign Bodies Are Commonly Found in the Foot?

While anything hard and sharp could potentially enter the foot, the most common foreign bodies that people find stuck in their feet include sewing needles, wood splinters, pieces of glass and metal shavings. Foreign bodies can also include human and animal hair. All of these objects are commonly found on floors, and the smallest of them can be very difficult to see.

What Happens When a Foreign Body Enters the Foot?

When a foreign body enters the foot, the body springs into action immediately to protect itself. It encapsulates the object within the body and uses the immune system to try to attack and remove it. This can result in redness, swelling, infection and pain.

While objects near the foot's surface may work their way out on their own, an object buried deep within the foot can stay buried indefinitely - until you visit your podiatrist at Appalachian Foot and Ankle Associates in Ashville, NC to have it removed.

What is the Best Way to Remove a Foreign Body from the Foot?

If the object is large and very close to the surface, you may be able to dig it out yourself. Wash your foot well to reduce the risk of infection, and soak your feet in water to soften your skin. Use a sterilized razor blade, nail clippers or thumb tack to carefully uncover the object, and then use tweezers to pull it out. Cover the area with a bandage while it heals.

If the foreign body is buried deep within the foot, or you cannot effectively maneuver your body into a position that is helpful for getting it out, you will need to visit Appalachian Foot and Ankle Associates in Ashville, NC to have a podiatrist remove the object. With this method, you can have access to pain relieving creams and sprays, you know the equipment is sterile, and you don't have to worry if the object is all the way out.

If you have a foreign body stuck in your foot, don't try to ignore it. Chances are, it won't come out on its own. Instead, visit a podiatrist at Appalachian Foot and Ankle Associates in Ashville, NC to have it removed before you have to suffer from the unpleasant side effects of pain and infection.

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March 25, 2015
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